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One may believe that your divorce settlement is final. However, that is not the case. After your divorce is official, a lot might happen in your life. If the alterations after your divorce result in a significant shift in your life, you should consult with a Green Bay divorce lawyer who handles post-divorce modifications. 

 We can assist you in evaluating adjustments and petition the circuit court on your behalf if a modification is in your best interests, whether the changes pertain to your revenue or spending, your child’s growth, or a relocation caused by a professional opportunity or domestic necessity.

 Our Green Bay WI divorce modification attorneys at Silver Divorce Wisconsin can address your concerns, present you with alternatives, and provide you with genuine counsel concerning your aspirations. 


Why Do I Need a Divorce Modification Attorney in Green Bay WI?

After couples initially split, the arrangements originally made may have benefited you and your ex-spouse. However, several things can shift throughout life, but you can petition for a modification if you experience new, substantial changes that weren’t available at the time of your divorce decree. Unless the prosecutor concludes that your current circumstances justify a revision, your case will be picked up in a civil trial. 

 This does not imply you will receive all you requested. This is the reason you require the assistance of Green Bay WI divorce modification and enforcement attorneys to enable you to receive the maximum-suited settlement in your best interests. We are here to provide you with legal advice and more for your family law issue.


What Makes a Good Divorce Modification Attorney?

Life isn’t permanent. If you undergo a significant shift in your circumstances, divorce modification could arise. A top lawyer is required to guarantee that your post-divorce modification will help you achieve your objectives, lead you through the process of petitioning the court, and ensure you have all of the support and assistance you deserve through the process. 

 Here are the attributes you should look for in a divorce modification attorney:

  • Competence of Federal Laws: In your situation, hiring a divorce modification attorney acquainted with state legislation is the safest alternative. Hire a family law attorney well-versed in Wisconsin law to achieve the most favorable result. Happily, our divorce enforcement attorneys in Green Bay WI are proficient in federal regulations.
  •  Parallel Civil Case Experience: Another factor to consider when selecting the top divorce modification lawyer for you is their track record in legal precedent. Check for a family lawyer who deals exclusively in the areas where your circumstances require it, like restraining orders, parental rights, property division, etc. Silver Divorce Wisconsin has demonstrated throughout the years that we can deal with any problem. We handle anything from simple family law matters through the silver divorce process, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, and estate planning. We are here to help you with your family law case.
  •  Presence: Go for a lawyer handy at critical phases of your claim before hiring one to counsel you in a divorce modification. A capable divorce modification lawyer should be ready to respond to queries promptly or notify you of an itinerary for obtaining a reply. Nevertheless, our attorneys at Silver Divorce Wisconsin are attentive and available to support you whenever you require them!

 Our highly-skilled Green Bay WI divorce modification and enforcement attorneys can assist you if you have queries regarding divorce modification or seek legal advice in your dissolution. For further information about our professional services, contact Silver Divorce Wisconsin now! 


What is Divorce Modification?

A post-divorce modification is a revision to the divorce decree decided upon between you and your partner. In most instances, one such shift is attributable to child support commitments. A modification may be an invasive process if you and your spouse concur. However, this could bring up old sentiments and tension contingent on your family’s status.


What are the Most Common Modifications?

Here are the most common reason for seeking modification in a divorce order:

  1. Child support commitments: It’s usually uncommon for a noncustodial parent to seek an interim lowering in child maintenance commitments due to unemployment or underlying medical conditions. Formal amendments might be requested in the case of a substantial loss in revenue or alterations in the circumstances encompassing health care insurance duties.
  2.  Modifying child custody: If a primary carer can no longer safeguard the kid’s wellbeing, the noncustodial spouse or an immediate close relative may seek a custody change. On certain occasions, the custodial parent risks treatment for substance abuse problems or jail. When a noncustodial parent is unavailable to provide immediate assistance, petitioning the court for juvenile custodianship might be an alternative.
  3. Moving with a custodial child: Typically, the subsequent court custody arrangement may contain terms directing the primary caretaker to reside near the noncustodial parent for parental responsibilities. Custodial parents might request from the court permission to relocate their children to a location more than 150 miles away or across geographical boundaries.
  4. Spousal support diminution or increment: If one side’s economic prospects fluctuate, any side may ask the family court to amend the initial spousal support decree. In other cases, this could involve revoking the alimony order indefinitely.




How Do I Modify the Original Divorce Decree in Wisconsin?

It is recommended to speak with Green Bay WI divorce modification and enforcement attorneys regarding one’s predicament. Lawyers can aid you in figuring out whatever you necessitate for your legal dispute.

  1. Consult with your attorney: Unless you’re interested in determining whether you can amend the provisions of the divorce settlement, arrange a discreet appointment with your lawyer.
  2. Generate proof and a claim: Consult with your legal team or family lawyers to obtain substantiation of any economic or child custody modification, in addition to the reasoning why such an agreement amendment is sought. That is why it is wise to hire an attorney for this kind of legal matter.
  3. Submit a petition to the court: If you and your ex-spouse can concur until trial, presenting a legal document to change a divorce settlement is simple. If that is not practicable, our law office can defend your objectives in litigation.


Should I Pursue Informal Arrangements Rather Than Divorce Modifications?

Several divorced partners who are friendly with one another negotiate informal arrangements to modify the conditions of their dissolution as desired. Ex-spouses, for example, may amend child support order and alimony, custody and visitation, or asset settlement.

All these informal agreements, nevertheless, can be risky. There’s little to prohibit one partner from later reversing their decision and canceling the commitment, producing great difficulties with the other group. 

 Clients are often instructed to stay within the restrictions of their divorce decree, as imposed by the judiciary. Your divorce settlement should explicitly define each side’s responsibilities and constraints. Your divorce attorney will be able to respond to any queries you have depending on recorded facts, not oral interactions among former spouses. 


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Do you seek assistance in altering or upholding a divorce decree? Are you dissatisfied with your present divorce settlement? Perhaps it’s time for a shift. Your agreement should be equitable to both you and your partner. If priorities change and your original bargain is no longer fair, perhaps it is time to amend it. 

 A skilled Green Bay family law attorney can help you get the most favorable result possible. Contact Silver Divorce Wisconsin right away to get working on your modification.

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Going through a divorce after the age of 50 can be overwhelming. You’ve built a life with your spouse and probably been together for a long time. This is a highly complex situation, and you deserve to have a dedicated and experienced advocate on your side. 

Whether you have questions about divorce or need representation in your divorce anywhere in Wisconsin, our experienced and compassionate staff can help. Contact Silver Divorce Wisconsin to learn more about our legal services.

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