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At Silver Divorce Wisconsin, we recognize that legal problems can be intertwined with your physical and emotional wellness, and we have experience in navigating the health care system. We have also established relationships with social workers, psychologists, and other elder care professionals in the community, which can save you time and effort as you look for assistance beyond the courtroom.

Since our elder law team works entirely with seniors, our knowledge goes beyond just the letter of the law. As a result of helping older people with their real-life problems day in and day out, we’ve gained a key understanding of the challenges that are unique to older clients.

Gray Divorce

Divorces among people over 50, often called gray or silver divorce, are often complicated. Our divorce attorneys at Silver Divorce Wisconsin are here to help you and empower you in amicably ending your union. We're also here to represent you in court if you can't reach an agreement.


Mediation can help you identify your mutual interests and reach an agreement that benefits all parties involved. Our experienced mediation attorney is here to help you resolve your family conflicts and maintain healthy relationships.


Gray divorce can be hard on your finances, but it doesn't have to spell financial ruin. If you're considering divorce, our Wisconsin gray divorce lawyers can evaluate your situation to determine whether you'll need to provide alimony or maintenance. Work with our gray divorce lawyers and create an equitable divorce agreement today!

Legal Separation

If your marriage is no longer working, but you don't want to get divorced, then a legal separation might be right for you. Our experienced family law attorneys at Silver Divorce Wisconsin can help you gain valuable financial protection.

Elder Abuse

Every year, thousands of elder abuse cases are reported in Wisconsin, and the problem continues to grow. Contact us if you or someone you love is worried about elder abuse happening in the family. Our elder abuse attorneys can help you protect your loved ones.

Silver Divorce Wisconsin

Facing Divorce? We can help you!

Starting Over at 50 After Divorce?

Going through a divorce after the age of 50 can be overwhelming. You’ve built a life with your spouse and probably been together for a long time. This is a highly complex situation, and you deserve to have a dedicated and experienced advocate on your side. 

Whether you have questions about divorce or need representation in your divorce anywhere in Wisconsin, our experienced and compassionate staff can help. Contact Silver Divorce Wisconsin to learn more about our legal services.

Silver Divorce Wisconsin

Facing Divorce? We can help you!